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This is based off the skits in Project Diva extend.

Air Baseball: Len beats Kaito. Miku beats Rin.

Rock, Paper, Sissors: Miku beats everyone but Meiko/Sakine Meiko who beats her.

Air Guitar: Miku beats Kaito and Haku, ties with Luka, and loses to Len. Len ties with Rin and Kaito (who got an idea). Meiko beats Rin.  Neru didn't care.

Music Ability: Luka beats Len. Miku beats Rin and Len.

Posing: Kaito beats Len. Meiko and Luka beat Rin.

Gymnastics: Luka beats Rin and Miku.

Dancing: Sakine Meiko beats Miku

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