While i understand most people do/ don't want a kaito V4, i really want one!

Kaito V3 was released in 2013 making that instrument 3 years old. Our current engine is V4 which others XSY and growl. Kaito can do XSY however as they werent made for the XSY the vocal may sound off or not as good. Which is why a V4 voicebank would take advantage of these capabilities as well as the growl samples. Kaito English is pretty good compared but could be improved on by sorting out sound issues and making the vocal range bigger. Overall Kaito voicebank could do with higher quality with better mics etc... Kaito had other voicebanks around 6 new ones which were not included in his V3 pacakged which were Mellow, Serious, Soild, Sweet, Vivid, Power and Wat expermental voicebank Light. We might be lucky and get more english voicebanks.

The only reason why i wouldn't want Kaito V4 is that i want Meiko to join him.

Sum up of what i said About Kaito V4

  1. XSY vocals
  2. Better Quailty voicebank  
  3. Better English  
  4. More voicebanks (JPN&ENG)
  5. Growl samples

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