Alright so I've been seeing lots of Character Item threads pop up lately over on the forum section and I'd just like to throw in my own two cents on the subject.

First off: Newsflash, this isn't 2009. The character item wars are over.

Second: Character items are decided via internet meme, not by some random thread on the wiki. So even if you come to a conclusion with a few of your wiki buddies, not many people will actually care.

Third and final: Even if people DID still care, character items are sort of worn out. All of the new ones people come up with just seem silly and don't make too much sense. So please, can we stop with all of the character item threads? 

I'd like to see the shipping threads stop too but that's a subject for another day

So there we have it, my basic opinion on the whole "character item" stuff. Have a nice day.

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