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  • Seiun-tan

    Anon/Kanon. Anyone else have their own comparisons?

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  • Seiun-tan

    The end of VOCALOID 1?

    January 23, 2014 by Seiun-tan

    With the release of MEIKO V3 nearing, and the plan to retire the original MEIKO, I feel kind of sad that all of the VOCALOIDs from the first generation will be gone (they're retiring). I dunno... I remember when they first got rid of LE♂N, L♀LA, and MIRIAM (they all have capitals names... odd.), and I thought that it'd never happen to MEIKO or KAITO (capitals names again). I feel kind of "empty" in a sense. I know that they're technically being moved to VOCALOID3, but I feel sad knowing that VOCALOID1 will not exist afterwards. And they also retired the original Miku (and her append), and the rest of the Crypton Media VOCALOIDs will follow in her steps some time in the future. It just feels strange. I'm not grieving or anything, but it's j…

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  • Seiun-tan


    January 22, 2014 by Seiun-tan

    I'm not sure what to blog but I want to blog for some reason ;~;

    I don't like how some people get obsessed with the "Miku Formula." I was reading about a bunch of people who accused a singer's concert outfit for "copying Miku's Formula/costume" and stating it was a way to "cash in on Miku's success," and they attacked her by going on her internet videos and thumbing them down. And then I also hear people accuse some VOCALOIDs of copying Miku's outfit over the slightest details (Even Utatane Piko was accused... doesn't he look more like SF-A2 Miki, though? :P ). No offense towards them, but I feel like some people make it more serious than it needs to be. And I'm not talking about people who just notice small outfit details. I mean the ones …

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