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    December 24, 2014 by Serza5

    I'm semi-permanetely leaving this place until I can stomach some of the people that are on here.


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  • Serza5

    V3 - Looking back

    December 21, 2014 by Serza5

    A response to Angel's blog which I didn't want to bombard in the comments. So basically this is my opinions on the V3 release, the one where I actually bought a vocaloid for it, and still only have that one vocal as I now await the V4 engine to come with a good English voice.

    V3 Megpoid (All the vocals) - Gumi has been a funny vocal for me as I have nothing I ultimately dislike about the voice but I found little songs of her I actually like, except for when this generation came where I found the likes of Giga-P's songs and Crusher's Echo. Of all her banks i'm particular fond of her English bank mostly for the songs I like with it, my only wish is that if a V4 is in the works, is that it brushes up on some of the errors as she's one of my fa…

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    December 16, 2014 by Serza5

    This is a random thing that popped into my head not that long ago amazingly and I felt like sharing it. The main reason it's going in here though is mostly due to the fact it's tied in to some of my issues with various people in this fandom whom I shall "forgive" enough not to shame.

    Essentially today's question is : When should you forgive someone?

    Let's first off look at the possible situations when you can decide to forgive someone :

    • Straight away (I.e. after they did the .... thing they did wrong)
    • When they receive punishment
    • When they apologise
    • When they show that they are doing their best to fix their wrong/show that they'll never to their wrong again

    The first should be obvious why this is wrong but let me explain. This sort of behaviour g…

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  • Serza5

    Basically the song list pages on this wiki are dreadful with some pages missing producers while others are simply lacking in content despite having pages on here.

    So I set up this project :

    This only looks so bare because Serza should be revising for her exam tomorrow instead of making more wiki projects but alas i'll leave it here for you guys to ponder over and improvements to the project page (And I don't mean the "It's stupid" comments) would be much appreciated.

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  • Serza5

    Even though this is barely anything new when it comes to this fandom (while more so apparent specifically in the MMD community) something that irks me a lot is when people lack the understanding that just because something is free that it is "less illegal" or "not illegal at all" to do various things. So basically I am here today to discuss the issue of why it's illegal to do things such as edit models or extract voices from games despite the fact they are distributed for free.

    (Disclaimer : I am no legal expert so I can not gurantee that I am 100% correct on my perspective of laws, I only know enough to understand the gist of it. So do be wary that I may make mis-interpretations on what's being said)

    (Disclaimer 2 : I talk about editting ga…

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