I've been rather known for causing stir ups in the community, and i've had my handful of rather un popular opinions. It's come to the point where I expect it to come, and welcome it with open arms (...sometimes)... And then you get people on here (Whom I suspect they know who they are if they're reading this) who are too...childish to even accept that some people don't think the same as them, yet alone be critical or rude about it, to the point where they have the need to add what's in the title to every post.

It's a behaviour that's more problematic than it does favours to the person who wishes to shield themselves with such. How so? Let me dot the main points :

1. You are showing that you can not take critisism in any form, because you would much rather hide behind that wall instead of admiting your wrong doings.

2. You expect people to live up to your expectations, in other words you expect people to either agree with you or say nothing at all just to satisfy your ego.

3. By implying that people will be rude to your comment you show that you have very little trust in the community, if any at all.

4. It will ironically make people angrier about your post than you will without those remarks, in some cases may actually make people angry for that sole reason, because people expect their opinions to be expressed freely without having this wall faced against them.

I am by no means saying that you are completely awful if you do this, but you have to understand that it's something that's a lot more mean-spirited than it's intended to be, namely for the points above. Yes critsism and harsh judgement can be hard to take in, but that attitude towards life is not going to get you anywhere.

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