In which Serza is unsure of how to title but the idea came from this comment I made :!#comm-112313

To attempt to explain what I mean. Currently we have on this wiki special layouts for various pages, as in, all the character pages have the same layout, all the song pages have the same layout and so forth. This is all fine and dandy until someone comes along to add a page for a song or whatever and doesn't know the proper layout scheme and so the page ends up looking like a mess, or at best decent but still not withing the proper layout scheme. Now, wouldn't it be nice that, instead of having to manually set out a page like a song page, you can select to "create a song page" where you don't need to code any of it and it'd just be a matter of you filling in the blanks? That's essentially what i'm getting at here.

Of course we can't have that simply because Wikia doesn't have such a function. But since templates essentially do what this function requires you think it wouldn't be too hard to implement. Unless I am overlooking something (which I do) it'd require a function to allow admins or perhaps users to be able to create a special page which will have the base template for the page which includes section headers and infoboxes as well as other templates, and then it'd be a matter of making a visual page so that any user can simply fill in parameters for the page.

But ah this is just a brain fart. It sounded better in my head.

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