All this drama on here is starting to get to me, which may sound hypocritical coming from someone who often contributes some elements of it but I never intend to do so; I merely wish to state my opinion without someone thinking that i'm not open-minded and completely object to another opinion on the same matter. Naturally of course, I am sorry if I made out to be otherwise, I often push out my opinion if I feel that you aren't understanding my point of view when I understand yours.

Of course I could just go, and I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of you were happy I do, but really the only reason I don't is because this is the only place I go for Vocaloid news, and there isn't much i'd rather go to. Bah at this point I propably sound really paranoid which i'm not going to deny, but it is one of those things i'd rather let out than keep in knowing what a state I get myself in when I do keep things in.

On a completely seperate note i'm back from Cyprus.

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