This is something I had been partially pondering last night (or rather this morning at 1 am but that's besides the point).

As if it hadn't been made obvious already I have been in several dramatic moments on here, most of which, or perhaps even all of which, have mostly been un-intentional. Regardless people do get angry with me, and i'm not saying that they're invalid for doing so, but after so many times of being told to "stop being serious" and "get a life" this is the time I draw the line.

I have never been good at leaving places, even now i'm not fully leaving. However contributions to this place will now be dropped to an absolute minimum. This is not only in terms of managing/creating pages but also contributing to the comments and forums as well. While there are good members whom i'm fully aware of I am not willing to participate among people whom I am not ok being around, to put it so bluntly.

The least I will do is finish off the image gallery project I have going on, since it's eventually up and going. But after that? I can't answer what will happen since it'd be a matter of i'll see when I get there, but I wouldn't get your hopes up on my returning to my previous state.

I've always said that i've been sick and tired of this place, finally I actually am taking action in regards to it.

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