Do I regret that post already? Yeah because I wrote it in a vent of anger and it seemed that some of you (as in 3 of you) took it seriously enough as a hint that I was down right planning to leave.

I can't say it hasn't been the first time I felt like leaving this place though, given the fact that I constantly seem to put myself up against everyone else it was only common to see myself pull of an angry fit about it all. I do think that it isn't a matter of "I can't take criticism", it's more along the lines of "I can't take criticism that comes with broken glass shards".

I am never good for words, I emphasise that a lot because it is possibly the leading factor as to why I end up in so many arguments. Most of the time I set my opinion straight it usually follows with someone shouting at my because I worded my post in such a way that was aggressively criticising regardless of the fact that I never do want my posts to come out that way.

Combine that with the stress of waiting for exam results and you've basically got the broken down Serza you got in the last blog. Is it excusable? Of course not because honestly, the purpose of it was to guilt trip you all and send me sympathy because i'm a sad little girl who gets very little attention as is unless I go up to someone and go "Looky looky look what I did!".

Am I leaving? As I said there I can't leave as impulse tells me I still need to and i'd much rather torture myself anyway. But I still hold the essential message I said there; I am rather sick of this place, this community, as much as I hate holding such a grudge because it is selfish of me to think so.

But alas i'll go back to the point of this blog; to all (3) people that commented on that post, and to any others who had to go through the torture of reading it: I'm sorry. I'll stop being so selfish. And i'll try to be a happy bunny who doesn't comment on anything so she'll prevent arguements. (And i'm also sorry for blunging towards the insanity of the last blog at the end)

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