Well this is a fine example of "Serza not having anything to do with this comminity for a while" but I suppose leaving blogs and such wouldn't be too bad. I only really do it because I don't want to bother my Tumblr too much with Vocaloid posts despite it being so much Pokemon.

Either way, I was thinking what more "Macne" characters would be like since we have Nana, Coco and Papa for names, and names for new characters could be like Mama or Gaga. But then Roro came to mind, who, if you don't know is a character that won a contest to represent VY2 and is popularly used as such (Article : 66_(Roro)).

What I find particulary amusing that if he was re-designed a tad bit more he could potentially come off as a Macne character and in all honesty; I wouldn't particulary mind that. And i'm sure some of you will be saying "Wait- wouldn't that confuse fans?" but you have to keep in mind that we still live in an age where people still beleive CUL uses VY1's voicebank.

But yes rambling over, this disconnecting for a while thing clearly isn't working but then again i'll be on vacation soon so yes.

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