In other words : why Gamechap & Bertie discovering Vocaloid may be a bad idea :

It's stuff like this which reminds me why we still have a 2010 side of fandom; fanmades still appear in stuff like this and in the hands of people like those two isn't the greatest. Not that i'm sure how well they take to critisism on their materials or if they're even bothered to learn about this sort of material (Then again the only reason they're showing more anime girls in their recent vids is only because of "boobies" which I assume is part of their British gentleman act).

I think another fine example of completely missing the Vocaloid point is in this video here : I ponder how many of you looked at the title and expected Miku to be singing? If you look down in the comments you'll know I questioned it, but the most concerning is that the replies I got are either "yes", "no" or "I didn't really think of that". In other words, these sort of vids are only encouraging the otaku side of Vocaloid, which we should all know, is something we do not need.

Then again if Gamechap are showing more of this Miku stuff then one could only hope he eventually touches upon the software and even goes as far as to show off that thing. Otherwise I would be much happy to send him Miku V3 English just to show him that it's a software.

EDIT : An alternative may be to produce my own anime girly Vocaloid game with all Vocaloids in it, and excluding fanmades.

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