The fact that I never expected that thread to explode is ridiculous in itself. Which is ironic because the thing that's going on there is the reason why I made that blog in the first place. It's that exact thing i'm getting tired of in this place. I at least understand now that this sort of thing happens because I am someone who seems to be very hard to understand among some people.

I've mentioned in one comment that communication in general is something I have never been good at. Which is not something I want to use as an excuse for my apparent behaviour, but it is something that is blocking me from simply "trying not to act that way" because the fact is I am, it's just that it's hard. Do you really think that this is something I do not want to fix? Does it really look like I want to get into messes due to mis-understandings on my part? I keep emphasising that I am un-intentionally rude sometimes because I am not the sort of person to be rude to someone else.

I've had enough of that thread at this point. I want it to go away because it was stupid of me to make it in the first place.

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