Although, more accurately it would be the "When the frig am I going to get the full V3 editor" since I only own Oliver and the Tiny Editor is rather icky to work with.

Needless to say that as a Scottish user of the software my options are as followed :

- DL copy of V3 editor

- Physical copy of V3 editor

- Physical copy of Yohioloid with the V3 editor

Hm, not much choices huh? To make it worse i'm very much into the idea of physical copies of the software so that knocks off 1 option from that list. My only other potential option at this rate is to wait for the next FX Vocaloid to come out since FX are not only the only ones with Physical V3 editors but the only ones who actually bundle all their Vocaloids with them.

Only reason i'm not flat out buying Yohioloid is because i'm still unsure if I would actually like him. I wouldn't say he was terrible but at the same time I sort of want to wait and see if this new one is actually stronger in tone than him, which would help me make my mind up in regards to that.

Eh I just hope that this crap would be solved in the next gen. I don't think they should go back to the way they sold V1/V2s as it's great you can get a second voice without the price of the engine, but there's fuck all variety for "starter packs" especially in the West.

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