Now i'm not saying that Rana's magazine should be distributed outside Japan, for starters, because that's not what i'm trying to get at here.

Let's think the idea behind Rana; she's a starter pack in it's truest sense for Vocaloid producers. You're getting a voicebank, and a music making software, a model for animation, and most importantly tutorials on how to make songs and PVs with your new kit. Essentially the best possible way to get someone into Vocaloid assuming they're into the Vocaloid craze.

Now isn't this something we need in the West?

A way to get people into Vocaloid by providing the tutorials they need to use the software. Of course this doesn't necssarily have to be set up like this, like one possiblity is to feature a Vocaloid demo in a Music magazine with an article on how to use the software with it. Idk it'd just be, something which could be really popular in the West as well?

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