Ok so, I was just thinking about those fans that like/dislike Vocaloids because of a song, or just the general idea that song = canon. So I thought of the most daring game.

Basically take any Vocaloid you please (bonus points for popular ones), and take as many songs as you can and compile a personality profile for them, with plenty emphasise on as many songs as possible. The idea being to create the most monstrositous profile in the history of ever. Extra bonus points for contradicting songs.

What? You want me to provide an example, sure i'll try for Miku :

  • Thinks of herself as a diva for her master [2]
  • Grateful for being "alive" and being able to sing [4]
  • Has 3 alter egos, one of which is notably rampageous [6]
  • Wishes she can move people with her songs [7]
  • Will go through great lengths to be with a boy [8]
  • Once lost a loved one [9]
  • Will fight for the love of her crush, even if they love another [10]
  • Was once un-installed despite her desires to continue singing [11]
  • Beleives she's a princess whom the world revolves around [13]
  • Admires Black Rock Shooter [14]
  • Dreams of her loved ones [15]
  • Really likes vegetable juice [16]
  • Has parted with someone in the winter [17]
  • Once broke up with a loved one, but wishing to still be friends [18]
  • Once had a forbidden romance [19]
  • Once was an android in a dieing world [20]

No more because i'm tired but aye @_@

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