Ok so I make Vocaloid themed fan mixes on 8tracks because I do- now I have 2 sitting here and I can't publish them yet as they are incomplete, 1 because it needs a few more songs before 8Tracks can publish it and the other because it doesn't have enough songs for it's purpose.

The first of which is an English Master Mix, to coincide with my (all vocaloid) Master Mix. Which currently has the following songs in them :

  • Existence - shu-tP feat Lola
  • Angels Fly Away (Original Mix) - Daifuku-P feat MIRIAM
  • Spend With You - shu-tP feat KAITO (with Sweet Ann in the chorus)
  • Dream Guy - MJQ feat MEIKO

Needless to say I need one for every other English speaking Vocaloid (including Sweet Ann even though she is in 1 song, but not as lead). For the sake of making it large I will accept SeeU and MAIKA english originals as they have English speaking capabilities. I won't however accept English songs by non-English voicebanks with those two above as the exception.

My second is a Rin/Gumi duet mix which goes by the name of "Lemon & Lime Soda". The songs I have are :

  • 1, 2, Fanclub - Mikito-P
  • Always and Forever - Peperon-P
  • Invisible - kemu
  • Reincarnation - kemu
  • Black Hole Artist - Utsu-P
  • Chemical Emotion - muhmue

This needs at least 2 more songs before I can publish it, I can and will accept more if you have any for me.

Besides the special notes for the mixes there is also these few things :

  • As a rule 8Tracks does not allow any more than 2 songs by the same artist in a mix. Which means that if I already have 2 songs by shu-tP I can not add anymore, even if the song has different Vocaloids in it.
  • Originals only. My main goal of making these mixes is to expose the original songs made with Vocaloid. I know this will be tricky for some Vocaloids but it is something I want to do. The only real exception to this is if the original artist of a song covers it with a new Vocaloid.
  • If at all possible I would like songs that aren't in my other mixes (Don't worry about going through them; i'll just tell you if they are or not). I will break this one to comply with the above especially but yes highly preferred.

Many thanks if you've at least read this.

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