Don't worry guys, I made sure my title was appropiate for the garbage i'm about to write.

Because I am really just tired of everything. Not just all the stuff on here but everywhere else. But this place in particular has been so exhausting and it is for the most part my fault because i'm stressed out as it is but I still feel the need to dive into every arguement in this place only to make whiny blog posts like this when someone chews me out and makes accusations about me because I just wanted to express my opinion on something.

I've had enough of it, I want to leave this place and you guys are propably going to be like "oh just take a haitus" no. I can't do that, because I simply won't do that. I don't even know how to explain it but i've never managed to do any sort of haitus because I usually end up coming back anyway because I have nothing else to distract me.

So here you go, now you can tell me to eff off so I can finally be motivated to leave this place.

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