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Simply repeating what I said on Tumblr

Serza5 January 25, 2014 User blog:Serza5

Ok so we have Tohoku Zunko who is voiced by the person who does Ritsu Tianaka from K-ON.

We also have Yosano Yuzu who is voiced by the same VA who does Tsumigi Kotobuki, also from K-ON.

Of course while famous/notable VAs doing voicebanks it's certianly amusing to see K-ON suddenly get a boost in here. Perhaps we can see the whole set? Of course we need Yuzu to get a bank first, which hopefully she may even if private.


Thinking of which it is fairly strange that "5-7-5" only has two lead singers even though 3 would make that bit more sense if you think about it.

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