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VocaRan Drinking Game?

Serza5 May 10, 2014 User blog:Serza5

I'm watching this weeks one and the thought of a drinking game around it came to mind. I don't have many rules but I came up with these :

- 1 Shot for every Jin song that appears on the list, including covers

- 1 Shot for every demo/promotional song on the list

- 1 Shot for every UTAU cover of a popular/trending Vocaloid original

- +1 Shot for Miku, Gumi and/or IA

- +1 Shot for Teto and/or Ritsu

- Glass of water for every absurd Vocaloid that manages to appear (Ha)

- Double Shot when SenbonZakura appears

- +2 Shots if any of the above are in the top 5 (except UTAU rankings)

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