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Vocafans, I am in need of assistance

Serza5 November 8, 2014 User blog:Serza5

As you may or may not know i'm a fairly avid user of 8tracks (my profile is here), which is simply a place to make playlists (called fanmixes within the community) which doesn't sound too fancy but people dig that and because they do I like throwing VOCALOID playlists (even though only 3 have made it up onto the published section).

As winter is here and many people are getting into the season i'd like to propose a challenge : A Vocaloid Winter mix.

To put it simply, I want to make a fanmix which involves wintery themed VOCALOID originals, an example being : 好き!雪!本気マジック (Suki! Yuki! Maji Magic)

So basically I need your help in finding more of these sort of songs as i'm fairly stuck beyond that song, and one other which had Miki, Miku and Gumi.

EDIT : Currently on the playlist :

  • Suki! Yuki! Maji Magic - Mitchie M feat Miku
  • Konayuki Melody - M@SATOSHI feat Miku, Gumi & Miki
  • Winter Happy Night - Clean Tears feat Lapis
  • fragile snow - P∴RhythmatiqのAether_Eru feat Miki
  • Snow Song Show - sasakure.UK x DECO*27 feat Miku
  • Stay With Me - shu-tP feat MEIKO
  • Tender Christmas - ΔЯ∀И (ドラン) feat Rin & Len
  • winter gift - Nem feat Miku
  • Love like snowflakes - SOMA feat Luka
  • Love Colored Snow - KazetsutsuP feat Miku
  • Konayuki - KazkunP feat Luka & Gakpo
  • White Snow Falling - OSTER Project feat Miku
  • You be Santa if i'm the Reindeer - IMBK feat Gumi & CUL
  • December 9th - Sele-P feat Lily
  • Mikuristmas - doriko feat Miku

EDIT 2 : The playlist is live but I still would like some more songs for it. It can be found here :

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