First of all yes i'm staying, end of that discussion.

Secondly I need to work on something to ensure that I will. I know that I have projects that I start up on here and seem to move on but it's a way of working I prefer to do on here; I like to propose ideas on what should be done around here and when the project is fairly settled I like to leave it onto others (of course still semi-contributing to it but when the main premise of it is live and done that's when I like to be done with it).

That being said, obviously, I have no real idea on what could be done to this wiki at this point in time that I feel the need to be urgent. The latest two project i've thrown up here are the gallery pages and the concert pages which are both fairly done with in terms of progression as both are live and active. Sure enough I could make more pages for those articles especially for the latter but as mentioned that isn't exactly me, and getting concert pages is irritating for old ones, especially with so little on them outside VO.

So I write this in pondering if anyone has any suggestions?

EDIT : Yes, there's also wiki talks but i'm still in the "wait and see" mode when it comes to that one, since both wiki talks are fairly inactive and the only pondering there is whether to have them in their own seperate space, or find way to draw more attention to them.

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