In which Serza ponders over something which could be considered a naft idea.

But over on another blog I was discussing the fact that there are a fair chunk of people who either go into pages and treat their favourite Vocaloid like god while others go on about how a Vocaloid should die (maybe not that extremely though, but it does certainly get bad at points) and thus proposed the idea we should encourage more "neutral" feedback/criticism in which we discuss goods and bads of a topic.

That's when I realised there wasn't really a space on this wiki in which we could do that efficiently (It would get real messed up in the comments), which brings me to this idea : "Wiki Talks : X" threads on the forums. This mainly derived on something which is happening at VO; where they have 1 topic for news and another to discuss such news. The idea here is similar; for example we could have a "Wiki Talks : Hatsune Miku" thread were we discuss all news, and potential news, about Miku saying what we like and dislike about it.

But i'm no sure what else to say at this point- so thoughts?


Since I got the heads up to an "attempt" I have a test thread :

Choose IA simply for IA ROCKs coming up.

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