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aka bah bah black sheep have you any wool

  • I live in nuuu, not telling
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is A student I guess
  • I am duck
  • Shojo-chan cat

    Hello, many of us are talking about the newly blacklisted producer,RinVocaloidCover. I myself have mixed feelings about this. I emailed him/her a message, and this was the response;

    Hi , first of all I saw it the post about me and wow , It's huge !

    I mean the other ones are like 7 , 10 lines , mine is the bible ! Okay , now let's start , I read all the post , okay , first of all , isn't " POCALOID " it's Cracked Vocaloid , It's really different , anyway , I use , cuz I don't have money to buy originals . " Oh okay then so , start work , idk , he probably can " I'm 14 , I DON'T EVEN FINISH MY SCHOOL YET !

    And btw , I'm childish CUZ I'M A KID YET !


    Anyway , I'm gonna do a video , If you know who are…

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  • Shojo-chan cat

    Just to inform you...

    September 29, 2012 by Shojo-chan cat

    Okay so this may seem crazy, but I really hated my last username,'Webkinz223', so I decided I should create my Fanfiction account username for my wikia account. I'm Shojo-chan cat now, plus I changed my avatar so it would match my username. I 'dout this'll mean anything to you, though I'd thought you should know the Webkinz223 isn't dead, she's just-uh I mean I'm just- not going to return to my old username, or avatar,(Okay maybe I'll change my avatar every month or so.)

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  • Shojo-chan cat

    Yes, I am a Kangerou days fan, and everyone seems to be having problems on youtube and tumblr. I felt sort've sad about this because nothing strange happened to me. Until today, the day. I was happily watching youtube videos on my computer until I read a coment; and I quote:

    " It's the 15th and I was running across the street and /almost/ got hit by a 12:46 "

    It was posted about 38 minutes before I read it (I live in Minnesota, so the person who placed the comment must live in a different time zone. I asked myself, isn't that the time? On the day? When I was watching the video? I was that 12:30? But still I creeped me out. So do any of you have a story? Or are you lucky enough to not freak out? Why am I using question marks so often…

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