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    August 12, 2014 by ShyTomato

    So, to be honest I'm not sure wether I should ask this question at this site. But I just do it. If somebody knows a better site, please, tell me and thank you :3

    I want to make Sonika rap. I tried a lot with pitch bending and dynamics and stuff like this, but I am still not able to make it sound nice. I looked the topic up with google, but couldn't find anything helpfull... So I just ask. Does anybody here know something about this?

    Thank you so much and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for a question like this... 

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  • ShyTomato

    So, without Anri and Alys, the next upcoming vocaloids are updates

    I thought, it would be fun, to guess, what vocaloid may be the next upcoming. It's about new voices, no updates. 

    So what kind of new Vocaloid will pop up next, what do you guess?

    1. Male/Female/both/whatever?

    2. Which Language? Maybe a new one?

    3. Something special? More than one (like Zola)?

    Just a little guessing game. :)

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  • ShyTomato

    So Serza was talking about how Yamaha released their last vocaloids really fast. Now I hope that there will be more that follow flower and the twins. 

    And I just realised, that both are "dere"s. Anon and Kanon are tsundere, flower is a kuudere. So maybe the next Yamaha vacloid will be a "dere" too?

    What do you think about that?

    (First blog, really short, bad english XD)

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