Well hello their Vocaloid wiki and readers. I guess you could count this as an introduction somewhat. I have been working with Vocaloid and been an active member since 2008/2009 mostly staying on the Vocaloid Otaku forums. However with the recent pick up in Vocaloid information (Especially with AVANNA and her voice provider) I decided that I should perhaps help with the wiki since it seems to be the most unbiased place to find information. I won't lie, most people probabbly are not going to like me because of my ideas. My biggest issue is to make sure that their is proof that is visiable to all who read this wiki which is why I have been heavily protesting AVANNA's voice provider since most of it is speculation and hearsay. I know this will put me at odds with many of the vocaloid reporters who talk to the companies and swear to keep their sources confidential but without that proof then I can only assume it falls unders legal problems of what can be conisdered the truth. (If that makes sense) However, I do hope that I can make some friends on here like I have a Vocaloid Otaku. I won't say I'm a genius when it comes to vocaloid but I have played around with all three of the engines and I do hope to put in some input on how to better use each on in order to get better results with them. Anyways, feel free to say hello or do a critique of my thoughts but overall I hope we can continue to provide the vocaloid community with accurate information.

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