OK so, I got an update from Adobe and since than I have been hearing sounds and voices from Ads and it won't stop! I tried restarting my computer but when it came back on it still wouldn't stop! Any suggestions or help would be welcome! I am REALLY desprate at this point.

Edit: Lol they stopped now so just ignore this blog.

Edit 2: It happend again. Any tips?

Edit 3: So I scanned my computer and after it was scanned, the ads stopped. I then went onto YouTube and it told me to downloaded the recent version of Adobe Flash Player and immedietly after it was installed, the ads started playing again. So technically, Adobe caused it. THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY ADOBE. HELL. TO. FREAKING. PAAAAAYYYYYYY.

Edit 4: I had uninstalled it and it happend again. I think that this is getting serious. My mom said she would take it in but she is sick right now so I have to wait until Sunday. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go to the emo corner and cry to myself now...

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