Please ignore this blog because at time, I was obviously angry at the Bakugan Wiki and didn't read their policies. By now I have read their policies and I will like to apologize for my angry towards them. So just ignore this blog. You can still comment here if you want though. Thank you and sorry for the inconvinence. StarsandPeacesigns 23:06, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

I AM SO ORIGINAL WITH TITLES AREN'T I?-sarcasm- Yeah, so I'm going to write a blog here towards my anger towards the Bakugan Wiki since appearantly, If your blog dosen't have to do with anything new about Bakugan then you get a strike. So I wrote a blog on there asking what Marucho's full name meant and they said it was a random blog and they gave me a so-freaking-called 'strike'. Well it DOES have something to do with Bakugan and if I could have gotten a translation then it would have gone on his page. And I can't beleive the way they treated me! They treated me as if I knew NOTHING at all! Excuse me but I am one of the top editors of the Sailor Moon Wiki and I am no.1 on the leaderboards of that wiki and I do know my stuff. And what's with not commenting on old blogs? If I do then will I be blocked permenantly. I was right: the Bakugan fandom is really stupid, both the mature and immature.

Edit: And then they said that they are gonna close my blog down. Well they can go on right ahead. I don't wanna deal with whiny take-things-over-the-top brats like them!

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