So I just got back from my trip and it was longer than I expected. First I went to the Mall with my Mom, her friend, and her children. I went to Hot Topic and they were having a 50% off sale(Yay!) so I got a bottle of perfume, a button that says "Hello, My Name Is Awesome", and two red bracelets(one of them had red stars on it BTW). My mom and her friend went to other shops while I was looking for stuff there. I also saw a Miku Hatsune and a Sonic shirt there but they were for men. Then we went to Dillards but bought nothing there. Then I saw this Creamery there and I asked my mom for a Mint Choclate Chip Ice Cream. I heard that it tastes really good and I wanted to taste it myself. She bought one for me and it was delicious. Move over Cherry Vanilla! Anyways we then went to a Beauty Store and I asked my mom for Cherry and Dr Pepper Lip Smackers but she said I can only choose one, so I choose Cherry^.^. We left the Mall and went to a Craft Store(At this point, my moms friend and her kids went home). I saw this How to draw Anatomy book there and my Anatomy could have been better so I asked my Mom if she could help me buy it. Guess what the answer was: NO. And she always nitpicked at my anatomy and she couldn't even draw a stick figure(she said it herself). So we went to three other places and that was it. Well I did have a good time but now I'm tired so I think I'm gonna take a nap soon. That's all, Folks(CURSE YOU LOONEY TUNES! CURSE YOOOUUU!!!).

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