So I know I already commented my thoughts about her on her page but I have more to say about her. I really like her design. It really seperates its self from some of the other designs and it gives off a vintige look while keeping a futuristic look too. I hope her voice is Mezzo-soprano so she can have a wide range. Plus I like to think of her and Galaco as friends. I can see this happening for some reason

Mayu: Hey Galaco! Wanna be friends?

Galaco: Uh I don't think so. How about colleagues?

Mayu: But don't you wanna be my friend forever(voice turns sinister and creepy) AND EVER AND EVER...

Galaco: (scared)Ok Ok, friends it is!

Edit: I heard demos earlier this week. She sounds pretty and her voice is not as low as Luka's or Iroha's but not as high-pitched as Miku's or Rion's. Can't wait for her future demos !^v^

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