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So it is for 21 years and randomness

So i'm writting this blog randomly. LIKE I HAVEN'T DONE BEFORE, RIGHT?!-sarcasm...again- Anyway, I wanted wish everyone's favorite Hedgehog a way past cool B-day. Happy Birthday Sonic! I will play your games no matter what. And the best is that he is old enough to drink! HECK YEAH! DRUNK HEDGEHOGS!

Vocaloid Wiki Wikia Bigger Box

A snip of the Vocaloid Wiki box. I had to refresh that page alot for a bigger box.

Also, our wiki is one of the 200 wikis that appear on the Wikia front page. I took 2 snapshots and made one snip of it's box. Maybe we should change it's Image box too.

Wow, I'm not even mad today...THIS HAS TO CHANGE. FLIP THIS TABLE. ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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