So here is the very big and special list of a couple of things that irk you guys really care:

1.The missuse of Anime terms.I just hate it when everyones like "OMG LEN-SENPAI-SAMA-CHAN-SENSEI-KUN IS SUCH A SEXY, HOT, SHOTA!!!!1111!!!" or "O MAH GAD I HATE MAYU. ALL THE FEMALE VOCALOIDS ARE LIKE, FANSERVICE FOR THE HORNY OTAKUS WHO LIKE SHOUJO AND ECCHI AMG!!!". Really? Go look up those terms. Shoujo is a genre for girls, Ecchi is a genre thats kinda like Hentai but not THAT extreme, and Shota is a genre about adolescent boys that adults have a sexual desire for. No really. GO LOOK IT UP!

2.Yaoi. Well, sorta. I'm OK with Yaoi(Well, Shonen-ai, I don't really like the 'extreme kind' if you know what I mean) and I like some Yaoi pairings(for example, I like DanXShun, HikaruXKaoru, and GingkaXTsubasa) but sometimes, the fandom just irks me. They sometimes make these stupid pairings that don't make sense. Like ZADR(Zim and Dib Romance). How can a 10-year old big headed, parnormal investigator and a hundred something year old, ailen who are both enemies love each other? And then there is Alvon(AlvinXSimon). Seriously, people ship that? They are brothers, kids, and chipmunks for gods sake! And there is also this girl who ALWAYS draws Yaoi on DeviantArt and draws all these Yaoi pairings(including those two) that don't make sense. Hell, she even draws guy PREGNANT! If I had an account, I think I would either troll her or tell her to take it easy and draw something else for a change.

3.The Bakugan Fandom. Yeah, the fandom is kinda like the Hetalia one. All the fans do is drool and nosebleed over how 'hot' Shun Kazami is. Honestly, he is like the Sasuke of Bakugan(you know, alot of fangirls, a ninja?). And they always make these cruddy weeaboo OC's that just bug the firetruck out of me. And when someone makes a Yaoi picture, they are like " Ew, gay stuff" and "OMG SHUN IS NOT GAY!". Can I punch one of those fans. PLEASE? I WILL NOT REGRET IT!

I could go on but I'm lazy so yeah. That's it. I also got my haircut today and a Blondie CD. And it has "Call Me" on it. NOW MY BANGS WON'T GET IN MY EYES AND I COULD LISTEN TO BLONDIE SONGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! YAY!

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