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    August 12, 2015 by Stinkyhat

    I'm gonna try to make an UTAU voicebank soon!!

    She'll be based on one of my OCs; her name is Naomi Quinn! I designed her already, check it out here & here .

    Naomi is a Jellykid, a little anthromorphic jellyfish thing, (you can check out that design here) but I decided to go with a human design. She's about 17 - 18 in her human form. Naomi has 11 other siblings and they all live with their mother, Marcia Quinn! Naomi usually preforms at a cafe in the city she lives in with some of ther sisters. Also, she can't speak English. She speaks every language EXCEPT English... :vo So her sister Lilian translates what she says for everyone else.

    It'd be cool to make voicebanks for all of them, but it doesn't seem at all likely ;n;

    I'm not too familiar wi…

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  • Stinkyhat

    Has anyone tried to translate those videos yet? ;_; I'd love to learn them.

    Do you guys have any vocaloid tips or tricks?

    ((Also I added a ? at the end of Kuroda's name because I'm not sure if thats how you romanize it.))

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  • Stinkyhat

    Let's McFreakin Lose it!!

    February 18, 2015 by Stinkyhat


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