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    November 12, 2013 by Suruki

    I've not blogged since July. Instead of PoPoloid, I'm creating RAINBOWLOID1. I'm just going to go with these before it's your turn:

    • Rina
    • YoYoloid

    But, here's your chance! You could be turned into the FIRST JAPANESE RAINBOWLOIDS! They are going to be called "Rabu" (love) and "Poppu" (pop). 

    They are expected to come out in Jan. 2014, and are both going to come together. This means you will make the most perfect duets, but they aren't made for covers (it's just a dull copy of a song).

    How to take part:

    You'll need a young, nice voice that sounds under 13.

    1. This voiceback is romaji. List your sounds as A.wav for the best results in the voicebank. (Hiragana, please!)

    2. Put it in a folder that can be Mac viewed, as RAINBOWLOID is only currently made…

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  • Suruki

    PoPoloid help?

    July 15, 2013 by Suruki

    Hi. I'm looking for users operating on Windows, Mac and Linux to make a new program with me- PoPoloid! It's page was deleted last night the day it was made- So we need to make it real. I can't code on computers so I can't make it. I NEED YOU! Who's up for it?

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