Well...we all heard of weird nicknames for people in anime, manga, cartoons, and real-life, right?

...I'm pretty sure you've have, but if you haven't, my Asian friend has a funny and cute nickname we call her; Black Cat . No, I'm not kidding.

See, the nickname started when back somewhere in 5th or 4th grade, you know how you can playfully fight each other on the school bus? Well, my black-haired friend was crawling under the seat while snatching someone's bookbag, and a certain blonde short boy made a weird, startled sorta noise. (He thought she was a black cat, thus making my friend get embarrased and starting the nickname. xD)

We also call my friend Kitty, but only online as a sort of pet name/nickname, because she once called herself "Kitty" once as a joke to her off-line nickname. It sorta stuck now, and she's half-proud of the nickname, yet annoyed that we keep using it, because doesn't it look weird to call someone "Kitty" online? I personally find it hilarous, but she just yells at me anyway...(If you're wondering, Kitty right now, is NoPurpose, who recently wrote the blog about the horrible troll story she found... )

I myself have a nickname, but it's more like a pename for me when I don't like using my real name; Yandere. Because I like Yandere characters, and I'm slightly...."odd". ...Yeah, that's the word I was looking for...."Odd".

Another friend of mine is called Pandora online too, since she's obcessed with Pandora Hearts, and apparently loves the myth about Pandora's box, plus likes bugging people and opening a few Pandora boxes herself....-.-

Also, does anyone else write fanfiction like me? I'm not good at it yet, but it's a given since I listen to Vocaloid songs while writing them...(I'm currently stuck between Circus Monster and Insanity...) Or, well, this . And this , oh , and this too !

And exactly how can I forget about these ? (Yes, I'm addicted to Owl City and Moves Like Jagger.)

.........That was one heck of a link chain I just did.

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