Whoa, it's been such a long time since I've written a blog about something mildly important.

Well, best is for last, so I'll start with the less important stuff.

Soon, it's gonna be All Hallow's Eve, (Halloween), and I'm planning to write a few horror stories, but knowing me, I probably won't be able to do it. :/ But, I'm planning to write one with the Vocaloid's names in it, (just because I simply can't think of any other names for my characters...), and show the story to my friends who know nothing about vocaloid.

I tend to use names like Gumi, Neru, Rin, Rion, etc, and all, so they wouldn't know where the names came from, of course...Anyway, I'm just planning to write at least one and show it to them, because the friend that lives on my street has been bugging me about not being able to see what I write in my journal...(random drafts that pop into my head..) And well, she hates scary stories.

  • clears throat and rubs hands together* MUHAHAHAHAHAHA- *cough* ...Anyway, she's the one who wants to see some of the stories I write, and I like writing humor/horror/tragedy. (Of course, she doesn't know any of that, since I never tell my non-vocaloid-fans friends about my little writing hobby online.) So....yeah. If I put my mind to it, I can describe some pretty disurbing stuff.......I would wish her good luck if I were you. second thing, after a few months, I finally got the glasses that I don't need fixed!

Yeah, I don't need to wear them, but if I wear them a lot, it could stop my vision from getting worse. Apparently, I'm just near-sighted, and I just have trouble finding things in a room, whereas my friend (NoPurpose/Kitty) just either needs glasses, or needs to seriously pay attention to her surroundings.

....Even though I don't need the glasses, I wear them anyway, but just not outside of the house. (Because that's just where I do most of my writing/reading...XP)

My glasses first got broken because me, my little brother, Kitty's cousin, and Kitty herself, were all westling the other month over a certain notebook, (long story), and me and Kitty's glasses got broken in the process.

Third.....(I remember now..) For Halloween, I wasn't planning to dress up or anything, but then I found my old Gothic Red Riding Hood costume from one or two years ago. xD Yeah, on Wednesday, I'm gonna wear it and pretend that it's a Trick and Treat Rin cosplay thing.

Fourth, (I still forgot it, but...)

OH DEAR GOD . I didn't even watch the video game part, but I have goosebumps now.



  • shiver* Dear lord, I'm such a scaredy cat. Oh, and there's actually a app for Slender man, did you know that?

Oh geez, I got scared just by typing that. *shivers violently*

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