Seriously. Haven't any of you read my fanfiction stories? The title and summaries SUCK.

Anyway...back onto what i was about to say...I have a headache for some reason. I have no idea why, but I just do.

And it doesn't help that I'm supposed to be updating a fanfic of mine when I'm supposed to be doing homework/cooking dinner. *cough*I'MLAZY*cough*

So, I'm instead listening to music on Youtube.

The problem is, I always end up listening to the Kagamines, no matter how much I know their Act1 VBs are horrible. (I almost got addicted to Don't Mylist Me once more before I just went Never. )

And in one of my other five tabs, I have this on pause.


I have a cheerful song about natto playing in one of my tabs, a tab of a fanfiction document, a vocaloid wikia page, the song +REVERSE, Ritsu version, and I'm also writing a blog in another tab.

Sorry about that.

I almost burned my dinner on the stove. O.O

Maybe I should just stick with using the microwave.

Anyway, I'm starting to have a habit of writing oneshots lately, and not finishing them. >.> Maybe I'll post one on here someday, just because I can, that is, when I can get my friend to stop moping around her house and get her head out of those clouds, (books).

Because of a little drama incident on here, (the wikia), then a YouTube video, she has now withdrawn from the internet..... and her cellphone.

Seriously. I almost went over my limit wasting my time calling her.

But even if she does back on the internet, I have a feeling she won't be coming back on the Wikia for a while. =_="

EDIT: Something else I forgot to add. I got one of my books I needed for Language Arts stuck in the back of my top locker, and no one would help me, until my friend in the grade above me helped me reach for it. =_= Seriously. It sucks being 4'11". I only know three people who are shorter than me, besides people who are at least a grader younger than me.

(I know Angel says I'm average on a global scale, but it doesn't seem like it compared to people on this wikia. TT-TT)

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