Well, you know how people say google translate isn't good? They're right. (Well of course they are. =.=) My friend wanted me check over a fanfiction story of hers before she published it on the her fanfiction account, and she decided to put some Latin in it.

Yes, Latin. Lord, she told me to check over that part because she was smart, and didn't think Latin back then had words like ours.

It was an abouslute pain to keep going in between tabs to double-check with google translate, because sentences like this; "Being too innocent can be a sin you know." can go to this; "You know it can be just too much to be a sin." And when I typed the latter in to be translated, it ended up turning into something completely different. ("You know too much to be a sin." =.= I suppose it's slightly better...)

My friend made it worse when she started to get really formal and OOC in her writing by typing this up;

"Forget all that has happened here, because innocence is a virtue." =(Google Translate)= "Contigisse memini, quia innocentia est virtus." =(Google Translate)= "I remember that it happened, because innocence is a virtue."

Yeah...a huge pain in the neck...or legs. I spent half of the day climbing up and down the stairs of my three-story middle school. (There's at least seven flights of stairs to get from the first to the third, and my locker is on the third floor, with gym and choir being on the first floor.)

The seriously comical part to this whole story?

I was doing it while listening to Go Google It while using Google Chrome as my browser.

Ha. Ha. Ha. :/

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