GAH! I had a giant, stupid knot in my freakishingly long hair! I ended up getting it out later on, but I ripped it half of hair, which could be balked up in a giant wad....TT-TT When I called my friend so I had something to do while untangling my hair, this is what happened;

Friend: "So...whatcha doing?"

Me: "Untangling my stupid any tips?"

Friend: "Yeah...give me a few minutes.." *clicking and typing sounds* "You can hear me, right?"

Me: "Well, I am in a bathroom untangling my hair."

Friend: "Okay, good." *more clicking and typing* "Can you hear it?"

Me: "Hear what?"

Friend: "Oh, I guess I need to turn up the volume more.." *music starts playing*


Friend: "What?"


Friend: "It's pretty good advice."

Me: "No it is not!!!"

We ended up arguing for a whole hour while I started ripping my hair out...=w=

Anyway, what were your worse hair problems? Apparently, mine is getting it tangled and ripping it out while listening to someone singing 'Whip my hair back and forth'. -w-

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