Seriously, is anyone having any weird problems lately? Yesterday, a guy a grade above me created a giant fuss over my friend at lunch, just to ask her out a second time. He got rejected, just like the time before. (His friends were telling my friend to "just say no"...Yeah, I don't know...O.o) Seems that guy likes 7th graders.

(Yeah...disurbing....) *COUGH* Anyhow, sometimes people reply to my comments, and I can NEVER get around to replying to them, because I have a horrible memory. This is happening more and more lately....

Although I would be more worried about my friend....Yesterday, over the phone, we were arguing about love and crushes. (You can probably see where this was going.) The convo ended when she had to take a shower, with me yelling "YOU LOVE HIM!" and hanging up. So, today at lunch, I sang something like the song Boyfriend by Justin Bieber, (pubety does weird things to people...), but like this;

"If he was your boyfriend, he'd never let you go, he can take you places where you've never been before...." (Etc, etc.)

She ended up getting the tune stuck in her head and singing it for the rest of the day. (That's what she told me, at least.) But it was true, since she was starting to mouth the words at lunch after I stopped singing it. (She's also in Choir, so go figure...)

But this lyric was my favorite; "Boyfriend, boyfriend, he could be your boyfriend..." Lol.

That mentioned friend is now currectly over my house, in the bathroom, when a couple of minutes ago we were arguing over my Google Chrome theme. (Tell Your World for Hatsune Miku wallpaper....I would choose something else with other Vocaloids, but they zoom in on it, so it looks kinda....weird.)

On a side note; does anyone else use Google Chrome? What's your wallpaper/theme? (Like I said before, me and my friend were arguing over it a minute ago....deviantart is probably next...)

Gotta wrap this up quick, because she's coming out....Maybe I should switch the song I'm listening to in another tab from "Tell Your World" to "Boyfriend" as revenge....

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