My first month of the RT program has come to an end. Let me just say that Patient Care is probably the most boring class I've ever taken. There was stuff in there that I already knew, some new stuff, and there was plenty that I really didn't care about. On the plus I already took med terms in my first year of college, so all that was just review. Now Tuesday was fun as we actually got to go to the lab and take x-rays of the mannequins. Of course not having any idea what we were doing we relied on the professor to tell us how to set up the machine. Most of them came out really nice. Mine on the other hand didn't as it was "under exposed." Therefore the image came out mainly white with little detail showing. Now I would've taken a picture alongside it like the rest of my class did (even those who, like me, failed somewhat miserably), but class was over and I really just wanted to get home.

This leads me to another point: my fellow students are awesome. It's only the first month and it's like we've known each other forever and a day. My professor even commented on the fact that usually some of the things we did(like take a "class photo") are usually done when people get to the last class. I guess that we're just a little ahead of the game.

All in all with a quiz almost everyday, a test every Friday, and spending countless hours studying every night it's needless to say that I'm pretty burnt out. As for this weekend: I plan to enjoy some well deserved R&R. ;)

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