I got the best news after getting home from classes Tuesday afternoon. About an hour after I get a call from the school. I assume that it was just someone from financial aid or something, and I wasn't willing to hear them out. Thus I choose to ignore the call and let it go to voicemail. Out of curiosity I decided to check it. Imagine my shock when I hear that it was someone from readmissions needing to talk with me about my placement on the waiting list for the RT program. When I heard that I went braindead for about 30 seconds. On top of that I spent the next five minutes wondering exactly what about my placement they needed to talk with me about. Now, I know that there's a start for my program in May, but I figured there was little chance it was going to happen. Hell I wasn't expecting anything until September at the earliest.

Moving on now: so I call the lady back and, after waiting for her to call me back(phone tag is never fun), she tells me I'm going to be moved from my spot on the waiting list for a spot in May. After telling me that she asks, "How's that?" and all I could think to say was "That's great." I was caught completely off guard by the whole thing and that's really all I could think of at the time. After I got off the phone I just kind of sat still just to let it all sink in. It's finally happening! I'm finally going into my program in May! It only took 3 years to get to this point, but better late than never, right? ^_- 

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