Alright so last night I was talking with my friend who all of a sudden decides to bring up that she likes MLP and considers herself to be a brony. My first thought, among other things, was isn't brony meant for male fans of MLP? Of course she explained the alternative was to be called a pegasister which, for some reason, I found oddly hilarious.

Anyways she convinced me to attempt to get into it. So out of curiosity I decided to watch the first episode of that Friendship is Magic show....thing.......yeah. After finishing the first episode I wondered why I wasted 20 minutes of my life watching it. I mean it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't exactly interesting imho. In fact, about five or so minutes into the vid I was ready to give up. I held on strictly on the belief that it would get better. Lo and behold: it didn't get any better. Which brings me to a question: Why on earth do people watch that show? It was honestly one of the most boring things I have watched to date. Seriously, someone tell me what it is about that show that's so great.

However, I will say that the comments were amazingly nice. I think that may have been the only video I've encountered on YT that didn't have any fighting, arguments, etc in the comments. Granted there were people like me who just had to ask, "why do you watch this?", but even that was handled in a good way. It seems like a very friendly fandom and that really surprised me. For that, and that alone, I give props to the MLP fandom.

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