SO TIRED!! Good news is that this semester is almost over with. Two more easy finals on Monday, but other than that the semester is over with. All I can say is FINALLY!! This semester has been so.......grueling, tiresome, long, etc. But with that being said within about a month I start my summer classes. :/ If I had gotten into the program I applied for then I wouldn't even need to take any summer classes. But, unfortunately, I wasn't one of the fortunate 40 people out of 150 who got accepted to the program. Is that a bit of a downer? No surprisingly not. I thought I'd be a lot less indifferent about the rejection. Now there's still a chance I could be accepted to that program, but that's a very small percent of a chance. I'd probably have a better chance of getting struck by lightning. >< So, with that said I all of a sudden need to have a back-up program ready. But the problem is I didn't think I needed a back-up so I never planned ahead so to speak. As to what that back-up program will be...............remains to be seen. There's currently two programs that I'm considering: Nursing and Respiratory Therapy. The only problem with Nursing is that in order to be considered for acceptance it requires near suicide in terms of classes in the fall semester. I can do it, it's just going to be very difficult. In the end I'll probably end up applying for both of them just in case the other falls through. Next step is to figure out whether or not I stay at the college I'm currently at, or finish up the pre-reqs and move on to another college where I, hopefully, have a better chance of getting into the more popular of the two considerations. This summer is already jam packed with things, so my life will probably become very hectic, very soon. But c'est la vie I suppose. XD

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