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  • I was born on April 12
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    The truth

    April 3, 2014 by Takane Inuyasha7

    Two days was a horrible day. Kyouya Oni-chan, Teito, Miss Sumire. and I were RPing. Teito has been blocked for no reason. And Misaki Yamamoto is, well... inavitivated. So, it's time that I told you the truth. Ahem! And here goes. The reason why we were 'RPing' is because:

    We share accounts once a week.

    "What?! Oh, come on! You musy be joking-" Urusai! Urusai!! URUSAI!!! (Coughs!) So anyway...

    Each week we go to the wikia and do some stuff. Like edit and comment But April 1st was different. This time, we had a fight about who would go next. So we just-

    "That's a lie! There's no way in heck that you-" URUSAI, KONO BAKA!!

    You may not believe it at ALL. But it's actually true. It's spring break after all and Mekakucity Actors is just one week away …

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