Recycling blog, since Plans A-C have fallen through, and Plan D is still up in the air. Going to go ahead and have this up and submit the feedback anyways if I can't get an actual video done in time. :-P

So this is the real deal this time. I hate I wasn't able to get my Blender animation to render at a reasonable speed, because they're asking folks not to post anything else alpha-bank related after Friday. ( ;A; ) Guess it'll have to wait until the real deal is released. Until then, just going to keep on working on the animation and rendering it until I finally get all the frames to put into video format. (*sigh*) At times like this, I wish I had an Alienware. (>.<)

"IT IS - Life of Possibilities" Lyrics
(Final MP3)

English (英語) Japanese (日本語) Romaji (ローマ字)
Verse 1: Verse 1: Verse 1:
To you, it's just another day filled with painful sorrow, 君に悲しい痛みと伴う別の日、 kimi ni kanashii itami to tomonau betsu no hi,
The world is full of such injustice all around. 世界がこのような不正義にいっぱい。 sekai ga kono youna fusei ni ippai.
Why does this suffering break into our souls and minds? どのように精神に侵入この受難? do no you ni seishin ni shinyuu kono junan?
It's something that causes decay in humanity's bounds... 人間性の境界の故障の原因、何か。。。 ningensei no kyoukai no koshou no genin, nanka...

But there is hope of peace and understanding right in plain sight, しかし、目の前で平和と理解を希望、 shikashi, me no mae de heiwa to rikai wo kibou,
Inside of our hearts there's plenty of love to offer. 心の中に親切がたっぷり。 kokoro no naka ni shinsetsu ga tappuri.
Take a look all around you, there's always one すべて周りを見て、誰か常に subete mawari wo mite, dare ka tsune ni
Who will find a new light, shine it into your sight, just waiting for you! 目に新たな光を照らしに待っている! me ni aratana hikari wo terasu ni matte iru!

Chorus: Chorus: Chorus:
So when you're down and you feel there's no place to go, nobody to turn to? 君が寂しくて、場所がないと誰かもいない? kimi ga samashikute, basho ga nai to dareka mo inai?
Just hold up your head, there's much in store, even for you. 頭を保持, ために生きるよりもある。 atama wo hoji, ikiru tame no yori wa aru.
You know it's just beginning of your own life! There's more beyond those clouds, 自分の人生の始まりだよ!雲を超えて, jibun no jinsei no hajimari da yo! kumo wo koete,
"Because it is what it is," life is a whole realm of possibilities to receive. BECAUSE IT IS WHAT IT IS, 人生は可能性の領域を受信する。 "Because it is what it is," jinsei wa kanousei no ryouiki wo jushinsuru.

Verse 2: Verse 2: Verse 2:
The life you have is precious, worth more than you believe. 人生が極貴重、思う以上の価値。 jinsei ga goku kichou, omou ijou no kachi.
That power that you hold inside you can change the whole world. 君の中に力は全世界を変える(ことができる)。 kimi no naka ni chikara wa zensekai wo kaeru (koto ga dekiru).
Sadness that you have to face is only temporary, 遭遇悲しみは一時的なもので souguu kanashimi wa ichijitekina mono de
It's a storm that blows over and will never last forever. いつまでも続かない嵐のようよ。 itsumade mo tsuzdzukanai arashi noyouyo.

So know the strength that you gain from surviving strife and troubles will come through, TROUBLEを存続からの強度増加を知って, "Trouble" o sonzoku kara no kyoudo zouka o shitte,
Just keep on living, you'll see it's not all for nothing! ただ生き続け、それが無駄ではない! tada ikitsudzeke, sore ga mudade wa nai!
People that get to know you will learn a thing or two 人々は君の生き残った hitobito wa kimi no ikinokotta
About the odds that you faced, putting fate in its place, and making it through! かの不幸に対して、君の闘争から学ぶ! kano fukou ni taishite, kimi no tousou kara manabu!

(Chorus) (Chorus) (Chorus)

Bridge: Bridge: Bridge:
Sometimes you feel like just giving up 時には、あきらめのように感る。 toki ni wa, akirame noyouni kanjiru.
Because the world seems dreadful and the news is always "too bad to be true." 世界は恐ろしいようで,常に悪いニュースがあって。 sekai wa osouroshii you de, tsune ni warui NEWS ga atte.
Even thoughts that cloud your mind block all the good things that dwell inside of you. 曇りの思考は,中にすべての良いことを抑える。 kumori no shikou wa naka ni subete no ii koto wo osaeru.
Living has those ups and downs, but the truth is someone's suffering the same. 真実は人生が荒れているけど、誰かも同じに苦しむ。 shinjitsu wa jinsei ga areteiru kedo, dareka mo onaji ni kurushimu.
Tell your stories that could save another kindred life, 人命救助物語を伝えて、 Jinmei kyuujo monogatari o tsutaete,
It's change that could bring in a whole new era to people who feel there's so much better, よりよい信じる人々のための新しい時代に変更、 Yori yoi shinjiru hitobito no tame no atarashii jidai ni henkou,
It's inside of your heart, let your spirit shine through ! 心の中に,精神を輝こう! kokoro no naka ni, seishin wo kagayakou!

Comments, questions, critique... it's welcome and greatly appreciated in advance. (Because honestly, this is the first time I've ever written out lyrics to any of my songs, much more in Japanese. I can use all the help I can get.)

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