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    I sing too :D

    April 22, 2014 by TheBakaKitsune

    Aaaand... why not open a blog entry for covers ?

    LAST ONE : Hirari, Hirari


    Little Traveler


    Hirari, Hirari


    Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones)


    Le Rouge est Amour

    Yells~ It's a beautiful life !

    Sakura no Ame

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    I managed to finish the cosplay in time for this week-end and i'm so glad o// WHOOOOOOO *Q*

    I'll add more pictures later, but here are the first ones o/ *dancing of joy* EDIT : Apparently we cannot upload personal pictures and I understand it well so here is a lnk x)

    My MAIKA cosplay album

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    I began translyrics for a while now and I finished some. Here they are in case you're interested :

    Love is War



    Deep-sea girl/Shinkai Shoujo

    Shinigami Record

    I already uploaded Live is War for ages, and it's crappy, but I need to record Shinkai Shoujo and Soleil. I will let +REVERSE for an ALYS cover (it's a bit hard for me anyway).

    Here is the YT Channel if you need :

    Thank you !

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