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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is student/ amateur vocaloid musician
  • I am male
  • Trainspud

    vocaloid concerts

    August 16, 2012 by Trainspud

    There are so songs i would like to see at the miku hatsune concerts, like Corruption Garden by Luka, Palette by Luka, Last battle by Rin and Miku, To beyond a doudecilion by Len and Rin, Tower by Luka, Hope by Miku, Leia by Luka, Reon by Luka and Skeleton life by Rin.

    But this is only a dream. What songs would you like to see at the miku hatsune concerts?

    - Trainspud

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  • Trainspud

    Music Software

    August 9, 2012 by Trainspud

    After i brought Mew for my birthday something hit me and it made me think what music software can or should i use?

    I downloaded linux multimedia Studio (LMMS) and a demo of FL studio just to see what to use.

    I find LMMS easy to use but, when i put the music in, it sound either country or something dark and FL studio i find really hard to understand. -_-

    Can someone give me tips on either one of them or which is better to use.

    - Trainspud

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  • Trainspud

    My vocaloid goal

    August 3, 2012 by Trainspud

    Well my vocaloid goal, there's a couple of things.

    To get these vocaloids.

    Mew - Got

    Vy1 -

    Lily -

    Iroha -

    Vy2 -

    Miku -

    Rin and Len -

    Luka -

    Meiko -

    Big Al -

    English Miku -

    English Rin and len -

    English Meiko -

    Miku append -

    Rin and Len append -

    Luka append -

    Meiko append -

    Avanna -

    My first five vocaloid songs are going to be something about love. there not related. there all about a different girl.

    1. Lonely planet- About after a break up
    2. spread my wings - about a crush
    3. Ever since - love song
    4. Don't even try - a break up song (it might be a werid title for a break up song)
    5. unnamed* - a song about how she has moved on.

    A song after i get a english vocaloid and i finish those five songs.

    • Emile - about a true story about me and a girl, i gave a nickname emile to her sinc…
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  • Trainspud

    My vocaloid life

    August 1, 2012 by Trainspud

    Well i started listening to vocaloid in october of 2011 after watching the fine bros kids react to video which it was miku hatsune. After that i've been watching and listening to vocaloid songs ever since.

    I first heard of Miku Hatsune and watched her world is mine live concert video.

    Then i heard Rin and Len Butterfly on your right shoulder live conceert video.

    Then i started listening to other vocaloids like Luka, Mew, Lily, Meiko, VY1, VY2, Iroha, Gumi etc.

    My last vocaloid song i downloaded was Gumi's Last confession of the earth and my first was Servant of Evil By len.

    I brought i couple of albums on itunes like Akuno's evil theather, Dixie flatline Fragments, and i brought singles like meltdown, Just be friends, Romeo and cinderella.

    My fa…

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  • Trainspud

    Song in Japanese

    July 28, 2012 by Trainspud

    I'm not going to put up the japanese lyrics, just so the lyrics wont get taken.

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