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June 5, 2012
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is student/ amateur vocaloid musician
  • I am male
  • Trainspud

    Ok. first of I've just put the vocals and the music together and I'm seeing if it works. So far it seems to work, I wouldn't say It's 100% done yet. I think it's around 75-90% done. If I'm really happy with It, I'll finish it of and make the movie thing for it (It's just a picture and lyrics). If not I'll just work on the music part. I'm Happy with the Vocals but it probably sound robotic, oh well!

    The random thing, Ok in July/August my school hosted about 20 Japanese exchange students from Osaka, and we could let one stay with us, but I asked my mum she said no because it's winter here and the person would be cold, my legit response was "It snows in Japan Mum!" and another reason is that I live on a block of land 20 minutes outside the tow…

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  • Trainspud

    Alright I'm nearly done with my first song (sorry to keep you waiting). just seeing it works and I'm still adding music to parts. But I can't say when I will upload it to YouTube and to Nico Nico. I'm going to let two of my friends listen to it and see what they like about. I would like you guys to listen it first but, the only way is that I upload it on you tube.

    But it doesn't feel that it's finished and upload it to you tube straight away. there's going to be little wait so don't feel like that I've given up on making music as a hobby.

    I don't really care if my songs get only 200 views, I don't expect my songs to get over a million views. I don't expect my songs to be played at concerts and put on video games (it would be nice). I don't e…

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  • Trainspud

    News I guess

    October 24, 2012 by Trainspud

    Ok first of My first song is getting closer to being realeased i just need to work on the music it might take me some time because i'm busy this weekend end. On saturday i can work on it until about 2 ish in the afternoon. on sunday I don't know it depends what time i get back home. (i'm going to a party) and if i didn't have to work i would of been working on it.

    More news i have been working on the titles on my song series, I'm still considering the names for some of them (i still haven't wrote my fifth song yet -_-)

    For aurora beam there's going to be 21 songs (i'm going to do puzzle first). this is probadly going to be in Japanese, i wanted it to be in English but since there's six Japanese Vocaloids, there's still a while to decide beca…

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  • Trainspud

    Another random rant!

    October 17, 2012 by Trainspud

    Ok... Next year there's music festival called future music, i thought maybe Vocaloid would play, i looked at the website and what's playing? well all of these bands and Psy are playing. So i'm raging going none of those are future like music, Vocaloid is going to be the future of the music world etc...

    School started again for me last week and my geography teacher thinks everyone in my class doesn't know anything (expect for a few people) she said this to me "A size 12 earthquake is bad and we don't want that" well no duh! Last year i got all A's in geography and History. What does she have to say to that?

    In my science class this girl in there was like "what's a consonat" I was like are you serious? and she also asked in different class "wh…

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  • Trainspud

    Today i got pokemon black 2 and i've beaten the first gym leader and i'm loving the game so far.

    There was this trainer he said ï'm the strongest trainer in my school at Virbank city" and he was a preschooler and i was like sure you are buddy with your level 10 Physduck. He lost.

    Ok i pick Oshawott as a starter and I have a Mareep and a Riolu.

    I better not get stuck into Pokemon (because i've music to make -_- ).

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