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June 5, 2012
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is student/ amateur vocaloid musician
  • I am male
  • Trainspud

    random rant

    October 3, 2012 by Trainspud

    Today i went to sydney (which i mean the first suburb that you go through to Sydney) and i brought my self four Studio Ghibli movies Kiki's delivery service, ponyo, Arrietty and my neibour totor, i plan to watch them this week and i got the killers new album (i fucking love them), i'm listening to the first song and i'm impressed so far. and Also i had krispy kreme the first time in my live i had five on the way home.

    I've been plaing a lot of pokemon soul silver, i should be making music, but i have family down so that ruin my plan and plus i wanted to release the song before the school holidays (that's not happening now).

    That ends my random rant.

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  • Trainspud

    Ok today at work while i was washing up (i've been on wash up for like two months i'm sick of it) and i was thinking about my favourite Iroha Nekomura song double sucide, it strucked me what the background of the song was and it's from a guy's point of view. A girl and Boy are about to die and their holding hands and they are still alive just before there about to die and through out the song they die. sad isn't it, but that's just my thought.

    These are my lyrics there on the youtube video.

    English Lyrics

    Our Pressed together palms ooze,

    Droplets so our hands won't detach.

    they stick to my skin thanks to my still warm body heat.

    they were binding…

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  • Trainspud

    Ok the good news is that i got Fl studio (the fruity edition) and now i can make music.

    Ok the bad news is that when i was making some music to lonely universe i realised it only went for 80 second i tried adding the chorus two more times but it didn't work when i did that it when for around 104 seconds. But don't worry i'm redoing it so it can go for around 3 minutes or more, that was my oringnal time goal.

    More good news, since it's school holidays in australia (i get school holidays every 10-11 week and during the summer holidays i get 6 weeks off, but these school holidays i get only 2 weeks off), i can redo the song in a day or few hours. (I don't really know depends if i get bored or not).

    - Trainspud

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  • Trainspud

    Guess what!

    September 20, 2012 by Trainspud

    Guess what, i finished with my Mew cover with Skeleton life, i've put it on audcaity and just need to edit the vocals i got the timing right the tempo is 143. strange isn't it. so that's all I've got a show which starts in ten minutes so i thought i keep this short.

    - Trainspud

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  • Trainspud

    So when i finish school in three years, Me and my friend steve (she's a girl, but that's her nickname) want to open up an anime studio. An anime studio? Yes we want to open one up. But we need like 20 million bucks to establish it, and another 30 million for the animators and voice actors. It's a lot of money if you think about it. But we would like to do vocaloids as well (like studio deen). the first two vocaloids would be Australian singers. When i heard Hana tan do a cover of Palette, one think i thought to my self. 1. How isn't she a big pop star? 2. If i do make Animes, Manga's and Vocaloids I would like her to provide her voice.

    I have already idea's for the future and the other week i thought i would make songs from the idea's i had…

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