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About to start my third song

Trainspud January 22, 2013 User blog:Trainspud

(I'm seriously running out of names for blogs -_- )

Ok so I've uploaded my second song on to YouTube, and someone comments saying that I've should of gotten rid off the chorus and bridge and made it a talkoid session because the lyrics were "telling a story", well a lot of vocaloid songs tell stories, like Mothy's etc.

Any way I thought I would start making my third song, So I thought I would make a midi with FL studio, import to vocaloid etc, etc. I thought I would open up Vocaloid to give a guide how the vocals should go etc. I open vocaloid up and says Avanna has expired, Zero-G hasn't gave me the serial code for Avanna yet. So right now I'm just sitting here thinking when is Zero-G going to give me my serial code for Avanna, I've got songs to do with Avanna, my seventh song would be released during during winter (in Australia) and I want to do a stop motion Pv (with animation with a figure, not with MMD) outside of my house and where I live in NSW it's gets down to 5 degrease Celsius during the winter and I don't want to freeze, where I live it's really windy so the icy wind goes right through you, because I live in an open area of grass/Bushland that's if I do PV during the winter. All well it doesn't matter, I can wait, but I would like the serial code.

That's it for today.

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