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Trainspud December 27, 2012 User blog:Trainspud

So the last couple of days I've been watching Air (which is my favourite anime) and Elfen Lied. and I'll talk about anime's I like (I don't if I've done this yet)

Air is one of my all time favourite anime's, the theme song and story plot and what the characters say. Like Misuzu's dreams. (it's so beautiful). The theme song for Air Tori no uta is one of a few anime theme songs I sing along to. And it's amazing. 

Elfen Lied is a messed up anime, but it isn't messed up compared to higurashi (I think Higurashi is more messed up compare to Elfen lied). and the one thing I hate about it is that left open ends like was it Lucy at the gate? (I hate when they do that >.< ) another thing that weirded me out was Koda and first cousin (Yuka I believe) made out. come on Japan that's nearly inbreeding there.

Pokemon is great, the Kanto region and the Johoto region are great series, I need to watch the Hoenn region which I'm going to be watching in the holidays. The first theme song has to be the greatest Pokemon theme song I reckon and everyone knows it. 

Death note was the first anime I watched that got me into it, kinda. when they first showed Misa my thoughts were she's a nice smart girl and when they showed more of her I realised that's she's really stupid. Some many quotes in this Anime. But the second last episode is so boring all there doing is talking, show some action or something and the last episode you see a guy silt his wirst and blood comes out like a high pressure hose, yeah that shocked me when I saw that.

Bleach is alright but it hasn't really made me remember a lot of it, some episodes are just boring and point less, and some of the arc's are just point less like the bound arc that made me so bored. The first theme song was good, I've only watched ninety something episodes. 

Higurashi is a good series, but the thing I didn't get was how Rika at the end was like this a summer that's never going to end, so... they're stuck in that summer forever. That left some doors opened for me but closed some because I think she controlled every event that happen, kinda. This is the first anime series i've sen and that I have the manga (visual novel) for it, It's taken forever for me, I haven't even gotten close to the end of the first arc.

Black Rock shooter is amazing and the visuals are great, everyone knows the theme song, I've lend the DVD to my friends and they didn't get the story, I did. Maybe if they watched the OVA as well. The fighting scene are so good, and the overkill canon at the end. 

I've wrote this because I'm bored and it's the school holidays another five weeks to go.

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